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The characterEdit

Talking Ben is one of the maincharacters in apps.

Ben is a retired chemistry professor who likes his quiet comfortable life of eating, drinking and reading newspapers.

Ben is also Tom´s "Best Friend"

The AppEdit

Talking Ben is a App for Android, IPhone and IPad

Free verisonEdit

✔ Poke Ben’s newspaper to make him fold it.

✔ Then you can talk to Ben and he will repeat.

✔ Poke or slap Ben’s face, belly, feet or hands.

✔ Tickle Ben’s belly.

✔ Poke or swipe Ben’s graduation picture.

✔ Press the phone button and have a conversation with Ben.

✔ Record a funny video of your telephone conversation with Ben.

✔ Press buttons to make Ben eat, drink or belch.

✔ Press the chemistry button to switch Ben to the laboratory.

✔ Mix any two test tubes together and see the hilarious chemical reaction.

✔ Record videos and share them on YouTube, Facebook or send them to your friends and family by email or MMS.

Pay verisonEdit

✔ More tubes

Apple VerisonEdit

Same as Android