Talking Santa meets GingerEdit

Meet Ginger, Talking Tom’s mischievous little nephew. Tom is taking Ginger to a shopping mall, where he’s about to see Santa for the very first time. Dear old Talking Santa thinks he’s just getting a regular kid to deal with but Ginger has more than one surprise up his sleeve. Once Ginger is in Santa’s lap, he’ll tickle and kick him, pull off his beard, put a finger up his nose, set his hat on fire, give him an exploding gift and yes… much more.

How to PlayEdit

✔ Talk to Santa and he will repeat your words to Ginger.

✔ Poke, slap or tickle Santa to see his hilarious reactions.

✔ Poke the toy train and make it go off tracks.

✔ Press the train whistle button to hear the whistle blow.

✔ Press the cat paw button to see Ginger annoy Santa in different ways.

✔ Press the fire button and see how Ginger lights Santa’s hat on fire.

✔ Press the gift button and Ginger will give Santa a ticking present.

✔ Send customized Christmas cards (email, MMS or Facebook) by pressing the card button.

✔ Record videos and upload them to YouTube & Facebook or send them by email or MMS.